Selbuvotter :: Biography of a Knitting Traidtion
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From the Author

My name is Terri Shea, and I live and design from Seattle, Washington. My love of textiles began before I can remember. As a child I used to try to embroider flowering vines on my pillowcases with colored sewing thread. I worked counted cross stitch and needlepoint for many years. I learned to spin with a drop spindle sometime about 1989, and have been fascinated with spinning ever since. I learned to knit sometime about 1997, and have been obsessed with that too.

I worked for many years in the computer field, building and repairing systems, installing networks, providing technical support, building web sites, and managing others who build them too. I left the workforce when maternity leave coincided with the big crash of 2001.

The job market was terrible, so I decided to dedicate myself as a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I found it very difficult to step from the 60-70-hour work weeks of the bubble to 24-hour a day mothering duties with nothing to show at the end of the day but eighteen dirty diapers. I started submitting knitwear designs in 2002 to provide the kind of project-oriented direction I had been used to previously.

In 2005 I enrolled in the Museum Studies certificate program at the University of Washington Extension Services. I never finished my anthropology degree, but I thought this program might, with my other work experience, allow me to volunteer or work at a museum, especially in a textile department. The program took me much farther than I imagined: Selbuvotter is a direct result of my certificate.

I feel honored to present to you, the wonderful designs and traditions of Selbu. May the work I offer bring you comfort, warmth, joy, and peace; and may you in your turn give these benefits to others.