Selbuvotter :: Biography of a Knitting Traidtion
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I have made every effort to make the book as accurate as possible, but it is inevitable that mistakes will be found. In preparing for the secoond printing I have corrected many errors. If you have the first printing, you'll want to print out the errata page below and keep it with your copy of the book. Of course, you are welcome to buy a second printing, which is shipping as of the beginning of March 2008.

Second Printing
p 52: Cast on 48 stitches, not 44.

p 84: If you are short of stitches, aadd one extra stitch the space between the pointer and middle finger and then use the same chart as the pinky finger.

First Printing
Download the errata as a pdf. You will need to have Adode Acrobat to view and print the charts. Download the latest version here. Some computers have difficulty printing pdf files directly from the browser. If that happens to you, save them to your hard drive and open that copy to print.

If that fails, you can order a printed copy of the entire errata package, which is ten printed pages, for $4.00 US. I'm just running these on my regular printer and putting them in an envelope.